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The Ghost in the Motel Room

This is a true story from a time when I was still a teenager, and Mum and Dad would organise a trip further up North to Queensland, To any Americans or other Northern Hemisphere resident, The Aussie North is like going South where you are, A trip to Queensland is a bit like going to Florida or Spain perhaps.

Anyway, the method we'd choose is driving, Funny really because this is what dad did for a living, he drove a delivery truck for a company which made V-Belts which kept engines in quarries and factorys going, they also made massive conveyor belts for some of the largest mines in the country.

You'd think Dad would have been sick of driving, but he never was, He relished the idea of going somewhere different. He'd get stuck into planning the route he'd take, there'd be two stops up and two back, Mum wanted that, We'd be booked into a motel around seven o'clock in the evening and get up early the next day to continue the journey.

I think I preferred driving there, you could see the country change from suburbia to green country, and to endless stretches of road through desert where cattle and sheep looked like they had nothing to eat, and then to golden fields of canola and winding roads through forested hills.

If we'd flown, we would have missed all that, although sometimes in our rush to get to our destination, we'd miss small things that looked interesting. Well we couldn't look at everything, My parents only had a week off work, so we had to get there.

We'd often bring my Niece and Nephew who were just kids at this stage, but on this trip, we took a friend of the family, A Finnish woman who had lived in the same street as us. Mum and her were pretty close, She had had her first child the day after I was born... and for a few years, we grew up together.

Now we never booked a motel, mainly because if we got to our destination hours earlier than we thought, then we'd have to sit, and that was fruestrating for everyone. So, When we got to a town around the time that we were ready to bed down, we'd find a reasonable place to have some tea, grab a shower, watch some tv and sleep.

Sometimes the Motels were quite good, most of them were very clean and comfortable, but not always.

We pulled into this one Motel in New South Wales (One of the states of Australia, the one with Sydney as it's main city) it was in a small-ish town. My parents left the car and went to see if they could get a room and minutes later came back with some keys and drove to the end of the small building, I think there were only about eight rooms or so.

I ran in and switched on the TV, all I cared about was watching Simon Townsends Wonder World, (4pm, yes it was early this time) and hastily getting my bags inside.

The man who ran the place walked in with towels, I complained that the TV wasn't working properly, the picture was all snowy, which seems a bit of a brattish reaction, I mean, what could he have done? Climed the roof and swivelled the antenna? Sometimes reception in these places wasn't the best.

He was a grumpy sort of fella, and maybe I'd made things a bit worse.

I don't remember anything about the rest of the evening, I suppose we were all tired, had something to eat and watched TV.

I do remember how it was laid out, there was a kitchen/loungeroom which led to two bedrooms, A double bed in my Parents room, and two singles where Violet and I would sleep.

After showering, We realised that there weren't enough towels to go around, Dad tried to get some more from the office, the owner didn't like him asking for more, but I think Dad managed to get a few extras anyway.

The lights outside the Motel went off about nine if I remember right, a very strange thing to happen. We would've thought the place would have stayed open for people blowing in through the night, a lot of truckies drove through these small towns and would pull into motels at odd hours. there was nobody here but us as far as I can remember. Motels usually don't turn all their lights off even if they're full as people still need to get to their cars for things.

We went to bed and slept.

The next morning we had a story, Mum was in the next room getting dressed or somesuch and Dad came into our room and told us what had happened during the night.

There was a man in their room, Dad had woken up and spotted him, and got out of bed and said "What the hell are you doing in here?" The stranger wandered into the kitchen and Dad followed, but when Dad got close, the man simply vanished in front of his eyes. Dad told us not to tell Mum about it.

Violet then said that he'd been in our room, She'd woken and saw him wandering around for a while.

Needless to say, we couldn't wait to get out of there and continue to Tweed Heads in Queensland.



Werewolves of Melbourne will continue, once I get the bug for it, stand by.

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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 17


The doorbell went and I answered it.

Two policemen stood there, one taller than the other.

"Hello, I'm Sargeant Davidson and this is Constable Blake, You must be Peter?" He smiled. "Yes that's right" You know, I've never been in trouble with the police but for some strange reason I always felt nervous talking to them, as if I was about to find out that I'd done something which I couldn't remember doing. "Come in".

Sergeant Davidson was a lean sort of man with a few lines in his face, some greying hair and bright blue eyes, he had a cheerful expression and manner which he used very well.

Constable Blake was younger and looked a lot like like Shirl from Skyhooks, he even had the curly hair.

"Now you've all been put through the mill, so we don't want to upset you, just want to get a few more facts that's all, and then we can leave you in peace, would that be ok?" He smiled.

Everything was explained in detail.

How I'd heard the intruder first but was "too scared" to do anything, and how Dad had discovered the man in the lounge during a run for the toilet, then onto me finally summoning up my courage and throwing him out the window.

We stood in Mums room, Constable Blake wrote details into his notepad.

"Now... inquired Sergeant Davidson, "Peter, You stood near the window and..."

"No, I didn't... I was here" I was a good five metres away from the window.

Constable Blake cast a look to his Sargeant who said "Right, ok... so you picked up this bloke who weighs about eighty to eighty five kilograms, twelve stone or so in the old money... and you carried him to..."

"No Sir" I said "I threw him... from here"

"But you couldn't have, that's impossible," Seargeant Davidson looked confused, "you wouldn't have that sort of strength... nobody would."

Constable Blaker asked "Perhaps we could go outside and see where the man fell?"

We nodded and took the police outside.

They looked at the tear in the flyscreen, and at a bit of clothing which had caught on the rose bush and at the point of impact which was not at the base of the rose bush but across the garden path.

Constable Blaker took out a measuring tape and measured the distance from the window to the impact site among the river stones, "Five metres" he said, as he looked up to the Sargeant, baffled.

Sargeant Davidson stepped back and examined the scene, the wheels were turning in his mind as he tried to work out a plausible explanation, but nothing would fit, He turned to my Dad and said "Did you by any chance forget to tell me about the cannon you must have hidden inside? because I cannot see for the life of me, how a man can be thrown out of a ground floor window, and land five metres away... Even if Peter here, had been standing right next to the window, and yet he says he was standing on the other side of the bedroom... it defies the laws of physics."

I thought back on the night before and offered sheepishly "Well... I do remember making a small run towards the window, I think, anyway".

Nobody said a word for a while until Constable Blake broke the silence with "What if you managed to lift him and as he went through the window, decided to make a run for it, put his foot on the windowsill and propel himself outwards to the impact site, falling on the stones and breaking a rib?"

Dad looked at me and smirked, "Could be".

"Yeah, sounds about right, I mean I didn't see what happened after he went through the flyscreen" I said, truthfully.

Sergeant Davidson suggested "Perhaps, considering the situation, which must have been pretty frightening, you somehow managed to lift him, perhaps you caught him off balance, and ran to the window? Then he, as the Constable suggests, got a footing and attempted to run for it?"

The Seargent let out a deep sigh, "Blake, I think we're finished" Then he turned to us and said "Thankyou, I realise how stressful things like this can be, it's often hard to remember details, but if you do... not that it matters all that much, but... here's my card, give us a tingle if you remember anything new, ok?"

I took the card and thanked him, Constable Blaker smiled and waved... and they left.

Dad smiled knowingly at me.

I thought that I'd need to be careful in future, I could do something very difficult to explain and land myself in a lot of hot water.

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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 16


It was a hot morning, My parents and I sat in the kitchen.

They didn't say much but their eyes said everything they couldn't, they looked defeated while I felt the frustration of failing to protect them. Mum sat in her nighty and sipped the coffee that dad had made for her.

I stirred my tea slowly, watching the sugar crystals swirl around at the bottom of the cup. "I'm sorry I wasn't there sooner, I heard him when he first came in, but I couldn't change."

"It's alright Son, you did your best" Said Dad, who added "I feel pretty useless myself, I would've still been in bed but damn well started bleeding."

"He didn't do that?" I asked, surprised.

"Nah, I picked at a scab, bled everywhere so I got up to get a facewasher... needed a pee anyway... saw the bloke when I put on the light... tried to grab him but he pushed me back and next thing I knew he had a pipe in his hands, mad bastard." He shook his head and frowned

"I don't remember much after throwing him through the window" I said, "I don't believe I just picked him up and threw him out the window."

"Throw him out the window?" said Dad quietly"...I thought you were gunna fucking eat him"

I looked at Mum, her pale blue eyes seemed washed out and there seemed to be a lingering trace of fear, was it for the intruder or for me? When I grabbed that man and held his trembling body, his shakey breath catching in his tight throat, the veins sticking up in his neck, in his eyes... the look of a rabbit who was about to be food for a hungry wolf. and then the effortless way that I hurled his almost weightless body outside.

I looked back to my Mother, who's face had changed from a look of defeat into the kind of determination that older Australians had cultivated through the war years, and then she said in an angry sort of tone that I wasn't expecting, "Well if you did eat the bugger, who's fault would it have been? not yours, He came in where he wasn't wanted, and that happened, so stuff him." She slammed a hand down on the table and frowned...

Dad nodded

She continued "If you go into the ocean when the sharks are there and you get your leg bitten off, you can't blame the shark, can you?"

She was right, absolutely right.

I took a deep breath and let it go, Mum had found her fire and would be fine, and so would we, I suppose when it came down to it, Mum was pack leader.

She got up off her chair and decided to cook breakfast, which wasn't something we saw much of as we mostly had toast and cereal, but it looked like Mum had to do something now, in her mind, she was giving the whole thing a two finger salute. We had sausages, bacon and fried eggs, and left more for later.

The phone went and Dad answered, Laddie sat down next to me and was given the rind from the bacon which he thought was delicious, but probably wasn't the best thing to give a dog.

"That was the police" Said Dad, "Apparently they'd been after that bloke for some time, They said they'd like to come back and ask us a few questions... They said that we should probably not go to work today."

For a moment I expected Mum to say that she was going to work regardless, but she was tired, she sighed as she put the last of the dishes in the sink and nodded.

I stood next to her and filled the sink with hot water "Go back to bed Mum, I'll do these" I offered. She smiled at me and kissed my forehead and turned to leave.

Dad and I washed and dried.

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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 15.


The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 15 (Language/Violence)


With my sleep pattern completely buggered by nocturnal activity the night before and a sleep though the day, I awoke, and felt more naked than anyone could feel, for I was human once again. All the fur was gone, completely gone, there was none in my bed, so where does it go? Does it simply vanish or do people like me somehow suck it all back in? I had no idea... and I didn't care much. But since I was awake, I realised how dirty I felt, So I got up and had a nice hot shower which felt really good.

Being human again felt sort of wrong, I didn't feel half as good as I did as a wolf, My nose seemed almost unable to smell, my hearing was nowhere near as good and I couldn't see much when I turned off the light. My body felt weaker and more vunerable, but... at least I could enjoy a hot shower and have a cool glass of something from the fridge.

It was a warm night, but a gentle southerly sea breeze blew in from the beach, and even with my human nose I could smell the salty seaweed. Laddie joined me, so I poured some cold milk into his bowl and that made him happy.

Soon we were both in bed again and after a while, I drifted off to sleep.

But not long after, I was woken from my light sleep by a strange scratching sound in the kitchen, it wasn't Laddie since he was right beside me, and Sammy, our ginger cat was on my bed sitting bolt upright, that was a worry.

I heard something creak, like a cupboard door had swung open.

And now Laddie lifted his head to listen, there was a soft scraping noise like a shoe on lino, and Laddie curled his lip, exposing his fangs. Sammy sat frozen on the bed, facing the direction of the sounds.

We would leave the back door open for the animals, and we're not usually concerned about it since the area we live in is pretty safe, but perhaps tonight we had an intruder?

There was a rattle and a thud, My pulse quickened, Laddie growled deep in his throat.

I heard a footstep, I'm sure it was a footstep.

I got out of bed and stood behind my bedroom door with Laddie beside me, as close to my leg as possible, he bristled.

One of the chairs from our diningroom table, only feet away from my door, creaked as though someone moved it.

Then the loungeroom light clicked on, and for a moment I thought it was just dad walking around the house looking for something, but the thought passed quickly as Laddie shifted, bristling more and curling his lip in complete silence.

"Who the hell are you?" I heard dad say loudly.

"Get back yer old bastard or I'll smash yer friggin' head in" the intruder said in a quiet gravelly voice.

My heat beat raced and I felt a cold chill shoot up my neck... I stood in front of my mirror urging myself to change, if I ever needed it, I needed it now, why did I change back, why?

"Fuckin get out of my way old man, roight?" came the voice, louder and more threatening.

I thought about Dad being hurt, of Me being hurt, Mum and Laddie, I was terrified. I wanted to change, so badly. I remembered the trick with the ball and wondered if it would get me there, I tried, I concentrated, I tried very hard, but nothing happened.

Thoughts shot through my mind.... does he have a gun?, will he shoot dad?, Will Dad do anything stupid?

Laddie shook, I could feel his body practically convulsing against my leg.

Does he have a gun, if I did anything, could he shoot me? is the silver bullet thing just a myth?

I heard a scuffle and some sort of thud followed by a hefty grunt from Dad, Then I heard Mum ask "What's going on?"

"Get the fuck outta my way old man or I'll fuckin kill ya, ya got that?" The voice sounded insane.

Mum Screamed and something fell, something made of glass, Laddie growled but didn't move from his spot, every hair on his body stood erect.

"I know you old bastards got money in here, just like all the fuckin' old bastards, fuckin hand it over now!" He shouted, whoever he was, I heard Mum cry.

"Stop crying you bitch" he said menacingly.

As he said that, there was a jolt in my body, fur sprouted on my hand, it grew up my arms, and my body changed from human to wolf.

I heard another bang and then a groan "You try that once more old man and ya dead, fuckin get away from me or else." I heard something hit the wall.

I looked around nervously into the bedroom, Mum was in bed scared out of her mind, The intruder had his back to me and was holding a narrow metal pipe and Dad was standing beside his side of the bed breathing heavily, as though he'd just run around the block, Some blood dripped from a cut on his chin. I smelt fear and sweat. Laddie was right beside me.

Dad looked at me, and the intruder turned around.

He looked right into my eyes, and a long moment passed, then he laughed "What's this then, some sort of fuckin joke? Put on yer monster man suit and see if I'm fuckin scared, isn't gunna stop me, I'll kill you..." He poked a dirty looking finger at me. "...and these two old farts if you come any closer", Mum was panic-stricken, Her face looked torturned and tears were streaming down her cheeks, She tried not to cry but broke down.

"Shutup ya old bitch" said the intruder as he walked over to her, and threatened her with the pipe "Shutup now or I'll beat ya brains out with this".

Dads face was twisted with rage, He leapt straight across the bed, knocking the man back, he stumbled and hit the wall behind him, but then regained his footing, clenched his pipe and swung violently.

It didn't get very far, as I had the other end.

He tried desperately to pull the pipe from my grip, but it did no good, I ripped it from his hands and dropped it, never taking my eyes from his.

Cold anger replaced the earlier fear, and far too late, the intruder realised something was not what he thought it was.

Everything seemed so automatic, The intruder up against the wall, nothing but fear in his eyes as I lifted him up to my height and then made absolutely certain that he saw ....every single tooth in my mouth.

I smelt piss.

I ran on instinct, Thought and reason had evaporated, I felt no emotion.

The moment dragged on.

In the distance I became aware of my mother pleading, then I heard dad next to me nervously saying "Let him go son, let him go." The man slid down the wall, his bones seemingly made of jelly.

Dad held me by my shoulder and I wiped drool from my mouth.

Mum screamed, Laddie yelped, Dad backed off... I grabbed the intruder and held him horizontally above my head and threw him cleanly through the window, his head tore the flyscreen open as he went, The riverstones in our garden scattered as the intruder fell hard ontop of them.

Dad raced to the front door and yelled for our neighbour, a cop.

I sat on the bed with Mum, who clung tightly to me and wept, Laddie rested his nose on my lap and I patted him, and I wondered why he had remained so quiet, but was glad that he did, I couldn't see an injury and wondered why he'd yelped.

I began changing back into my human form, and covered myself with a blanket.

When the police arrived, we told them everything as it had happened, except about the werewolf of course. They couldn't believe that I could pick up a man that large and hurl him through a window, I told them that perhaps it was that superhuman strength you hear about, like mothers who lift a car off a child who's under a wheel, that sort of thing.

Later, we all sat in the bed together talking, until about five. Then I went back to bed but didn't sleep, I don't think anyone could have under these circumstances.


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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 14

When I woke later that afternoon, I discovered that My Mother was sitting on the bed, just watching me. "Did you have a good sleep?" She asked softly I nodded "I think I hit the pillow and that was it" I smiled, at least, I smiled in my own way. Mum reached out for my hand and took it, she stroked my palm with her thumb then looked into my eyes, I could see that she had so much to say, but didn't have the words to say what she felt. "Where's Dad?" "He's still asleep, He was worried about you, we both were... I couldn't stop wondering if you were hurt or sick, or someone carted you away" Tears welled in her eyes and she squeezed my hand a few times, she turned my hand over and examined my arm, running her other hand along the fur. "I'm glad you're safe". She reached over and stroked my head. "Would you like a cup of tea?" "Yes please Mum" The moment lingered, warm afternoon sunlight shone through my window, casting shadows from the gumtree outside, cool puffs of wind ruffled my blind. Doves called to each other. Mum held my hand for a long time. *** In the kitchen, I washed my new mug in the sink, scrubbing it with the brush and Mum boiled the water. I tried to get the teabags out of the jar but my fingers weren't nimble enough for it, I still felt rather awkward. Mum poured the water into her cup and into my Mug, adding the teabags herself. Then she cut up some fruitcake which she'd made the day before, there wasn't much left. Mum made wonderful boiled fruit cakes, and would put almond halves on the top where they'd roast beautifully... and usually be stolen by me before the cake was cold. It's a wonder there was any cake left by now as we all took huge slices out of it and would often come back for more. Laddie begged for a piece of cake too, he has such a sweet tooth. Mum gave him a little bit, which he took away and ate happily. Mum giggled "The t-shirt makes you look a bit silly, I'm not sure a wolf should be wearing them" I had to agree, it made me look like some kind of scarecrow, as if I was stuffed full of straw. "Jake and Ding said Werewolves don't wear clothes because they're a nuisance when we change form" I sipped at my tea. Mum pointed at the Mug "Who did you say made that?" "Duffles, or one of them... but I don't know what a Duffle is, they never said." I sighed "I'd really like a shower, but I'd weigh a tonne if I got wet, don't you think?". Mum Nodded "Yeah and you'd take ages to dry too with that thick coat, but you look pretty grubby." Mum went into the sunroom, and bought Laddies brush with her. "Take your t-shirt off and turn yourself around on your chair and I'll see what I can do" I did as she asked and she began brushing, and gathering up any loose fur and debris from the forest which came with it, Laddie sat and watched, He knew that brush was his, and that this was a very strange sight, But he wasn't upset, He was glad to have me home too. Dad was coming this way, I could hear his heavy footsteps. "Hello Lover, Hello Son.." He looked at the Radiola "Cripes, What? 6:30?, Have I been asleep for that long?" "Yep" replied Mum, smiling. Dad watched me getting brushed, "That looks good, would you brush me like that?" and Mum said "Yeah, when you turn into a werewolf too and can't do anything for yourself". Dad Howled and Mum Laughed..."Don't you start, I'm not sure I could handle two of ya" Dad reached down and gave Mum a peck on the cheek and ruffled my hair. "I dunno, I reckon if we were all wolves, it'd be beaut" He winked at me then came closer and had a really good look at my face "Show us your teeth, Son" He asked, I was a bit embarassed but, I curled my lips for him. "Crap I'd hate to be on the wrong side of those buggers" He chuckled "no wonder your fillings popped out, they were probably too terrified to stay in there" We sat in the kitchen talking, then had our tea, in the evening Dad walked Laddie and Mum and I watched TV together, Dad and I watched a movie later while eating a bowl of fruit each, about midnight I took Laddie for a walk in the park, being cautious as my white fur glowed in the streetlights, and finally, Laddie and I beeded down and went to sleep.
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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chaper 13

Sometimes for whatever reason, I hear the voice of someone I know from TV (at least it was in this case) and I write as they might speak, This time I was hearing Stephen Fry. I'm not sure an Englishmans' voice fits this very Australian scene, but I still liked how it came out. The van driven by Jake had just pulled up in the lane behind our place, giving enough room for Dad to access the garage and put our car away. Then the van was backed up closer to the garage and after a quick look to make certain that we were alone, the vans rear doors were opened and I jumped our and walked into the garage. I needed to be very careful that the neighbours didn't see, so I lowered myself and began to creep towards the house... but a very excited dog stopped me and gave me a few well chosen vowels as a greeting, his tail wagging madly. Seeing how tired my parents looked, Jake called my Dad over and told him they'd be off, but would return in a few days to see if things were ok, He thanked them both for taking care of me like they did, and shook hands with both of them. Once inside the house, Mum gave Laddie something to eat, a shank from the fridge, he wasted no time in taking it out into the backyard where he could eat it in peace. And now that I had a chance to look, I could see that neither of my parents had had much, if any, sleep at all. and again I wondered if this had been such a good idea. "I'm sorry for worrying you both so much" I said, apologetically. "It's all right" said Mum quietly, "I'm just glad to have you home safely" She buttered savoy biscuits and put tomato and cheese on them, I thought about cooking something for them, but wondered how I'd go about not getting werewolf fur in anything, and I also wondered that if I did manage to make a nice plate of something hot for us all, would they still be awake? Dad stirred his coffee as he ate one of the bikkies. "Those were nice blokes Son, where did you find them?" I picked up one of the biscuits. "They found me, they told me that the Bunyips told them where I was." Dads ears pricked up at that, "Bunyips?" he said, surprised. Dad has dark coloured skin, and we often felt that he may have had some Aboriginal blood himself, but we were never sure. There were problems within the family, and while I knew my Mothers side of the family fairly well, My Fathers side remained quite a mystery. However it was also supposed that Dads colouration might have been due to Mediterranean blood. "What do they look like" He asked, Mum looked as though it was a load of bunkum, but then I was here, sitting beside her... although she was tired and not thinking straight.

"No idea Dad, It's funny... I didn't ask" I scratched my chin thoughtfully.

I hesitated in saying incase it made things worse: "Apparently I have another form" Mum looked at me and waited for more as she bit into her third savoy. "Apparently it's more dog like, which should allow me to run, well, like a dog... except when I tried... I froze up solid... couldn't move at all, and then Jake and Ding found me..." "Ding?" Asked Mum. "Simon Bellbird, The Aboriginal fella" I watched Mums face as the cogs moved sleepily and finally connected Bellbird and Ding. I looked at the old Radiola on the fridge, the clock said that it wasn't much after 8:30. "Did you have a good time though?" asked Mum. I felt a little guilty about this but "Yes Mum, I did, I had a really good Run, and I was fed too... I had sausages and beans for breakfast... Oh, I was given a present." Dad had put my bags down beside him and noticed me looking for it, So he reached down and passed it over. "Thankyou" I nodded Rummaging around inside the bag, I found it, safely among some clothes which had not been worn, I pulled it out and placed it on the table. "Jake gave it to me... it's for our kind... look, it's got a little spout to drink from, so I won't need straws." Mum smiled at the plain brown mug, then realised that I'd said, in a roundabout way, that... "There's more of you?" "According to what Jake and Ding said... and lots more besides, but anyway, they told me where I could find the others... a Cafe, in the city... But they said that maybe I should let you two rest and go there... some other time?" Mum was pleased that I'd found such thoughtful friends. I heard Laddie crunching on his bone in the garden "I can do that too" I smiled. I walked to my parents bedroom and saw one of our cats freak out and take off at the mere sight of me... Once inside my Parents room, I pulled back the blankets on their bed... shortly after they were in it, with their backs to each other, keeping warm, and blissfully asleep.

And soon, I would also be in bed, My faithful dog laid on his rug, beside my bed, his tummy full, snoring peacefully.

I fell asleep.
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Hi Everyone

Thanks for reading. I know that sometimes things aren't "scanning" properly, as I'm writing most of this straight from my head and not fixing it *much* as I go, so it's pretty raw and some things are left out, forgotten or glossed over. But I've had the story in my head, or at least most of it, for about two decades. I feel that it'd be a shame to never write about it at all, as I'd like others to share my dream with me. If you should spot anything that looks wrong, even if it's just spelling, or if you'd like to suggest something, then just leave a comment, I love reading comments... though often I'm just as guilty of not leaving them for others when I'm enjoying their work. All the best. Wolfie!
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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 12

The inside of the van was well set out, there were benches and cupboards on either side, a tiny bar fridge and even a kitchen sink. The windows were covered by green gingham blinds. "Kneel down behind the seat Mate" Said Jake "If anyone spots ya, they'll just see your head and think you're a husky or something, but keep yer arms behind the seat, ok?" "Mum and Dad looked really tired" I said. "Yeah, Thought we should have offered to drive them home, I could have driven the car." "Not likely" I countered, "You don't know how Dad is about his car". "Fair enough, I s'pose I can understand that" said Ding. The van turned onto the highway and I turned to see Dad following close behind us. "So... " I asked "You mentioned there were others, like me?" Ding laughed "Took ya long enough" Jake smiled broadly "Yes mate, there's others, not as many as we'd like, but they're around, now, if you fancy meeting some of them, your best bet is a cafe in Degraves street in Melbourne. The place is called Rose's Bar, it's sort of hidden, but we can show you how to get in there easy enough... Rose is a great cook, Reckon it's about time we had a good home cooked meal, eh mate?" Ding nodded "That'd be beaut, But maybe not tonight, His Mum and Dad need to feel he's safe so they can have a good sleep tonight" Ding turned to me "What d'ya reckon?" I agreed, If I went out again tonight, it'd cause far too much stress on my parents, I didn't want that, as much as I wanted to see others like me, though I did have some apprehension, would I like them and would they like me? Was I the only one who was gentle? Was I a Ferdinand among the other bulls? "What are other Werewolves like?" I asked Ding spoke "Friendliest people going" and Jake added "They make good mates, very loyal" "Nothing like the movies then?" I asked, partially serious. "Nah, nothing like the movies" replied Jake. "Werewolves are protective spirits" Said Ding "They never harmed anybody". I felt the knot in my stomach untie a little, perhaps the meeting would be ok afterall. Then I remembered freezing up "When I froze up last night, you said I was between two states, what did you mean by that?" "Werewolves have several different shapes that they take on" replied Jake "You can stand up like a man, as you could do now... But there's another shape, like a normal dog... See, when you tried to run, you'd got to a point where you were ready to change to that new shape, but for some reason, you held it instead of letting it flow... so you froze and that was that. But if you have a chat to the others at the cafe, you'll learn everything... better for them to tell you than me."
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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 11

"Are you all right Mate?" asked a voice? I tried to speak but all that came out was a deep "Mfff" "She'll be right mate" The voice sounded friendly. "You a young one mate?, seized up have ya?, don't worry, it'll be ok... The Names Simon, Simon Bellbird, Me mates call me "Ding"" He patted me on the shoulder. I couldn't see anything because My face was half buried in the bush. "Jakes coming, he's a mate of mine, We'll straighten things out in half a sec" said Ding I heard someone crouch down behind me "Hello mate, I'm Jake, gotcha self into a bit of a spot, eh? nevermind.. Here, Mate, give us a hand" Jake and Ding grabbed me by the shoulders and groaned as they pulled me out of there and turned me around, I could see the Men now, but was still unable to move. "Strewth, you're a bloody big fella, aren't ya?" puffed Jake, "You're lucky you rolled into the bush instead of the drink". Ding knelt down beside me "Listen mate, what's happened is you're stuck between two states, it's very common, and not a big deal... it usually happens to the younger mob. I began to wonder if these fellas were like me, that'd be nice, I think. Ding walked about ten steps and turned around. "Mate, can you see this tennis ball? When I throw it, I want you to catch it, now I know that sounds stupid, but trust me, ok?" Ding threw the ball at me and to my surprise my body unfroze as I tried to catch it, but I was too slow and it hit me on the nose... I sneezed and grabbed my nose "Ow!" "That wasn't quite what I had in mind" said Ding, "But what the hell." I had the worst case of pins and needles ever, My entire body tingled like I'd hit an oversized funny bone hidden somewhere in my body, I could move though and collapsed flat on the grass with relief. Jake leant over me "You ok?" "Yeah" I said as the tingling subsided and feeling came back into my body. "Is this your stuff?" asked Jake, Holding a schoolbag and a sleepingbag. "Yeah, Thanks". "Thank Heavens for that" he laughed "Thought I mighta nicked someone elses stuff. "Who are you fellas" I asked, sitting up at last. "Jake and Ding, Cryptozoologists, at your service." Jake held out his hand and I shook it, then shook Dings hand too. "C'mon mate, can ya get up?". I pushed myself up carefully and stood, not really sure if I'd fall into a heap or not, but after a while I felt ok and picked up my stuff, Jake slapped me on the arm, "Good man, why not follow us back to our camp, We've got some tucker left over from earlier, cold snags, sound good?" I nodded and Jake laughed "Werewolves, they only think about their stomachs". *** I arrived at Jake and Dings camp, they had a nice looking fire going in a cleared space, and a couple of fold out camp chairs to sit on, they were too small for me to sit in. Near the fire was a billy can and a large bucket of water, over to the side was a panel van in which Ding was looking for something. Jake walked over with a jerry can of water "Would you like a mug of tea?" "I would" I replied "But, I can't seem to drink without a straw". "Yeah I know Mate" He smiled "Don't worry, any problem you have can't be solved." Ding came back and handed me a plate of cold sausages "There you go mate, Made them myself for tea tonight, just made more than usual, thought it might be nice to have some for lunch in the field". "Thankyou" I said "But won't you have nothing to eat if I eat these?". "Better you eat our food than eat us" Laughed Ding. "Go on, eat 'em up, got more food in the van, sangas and pizza, no worries" The sausages tasted great, I'd eaten all five of them before the tea arrived. "All that running in the fresh air brings on an appetite, doesn't it?" asked Jake, who was pouring tea from the billy into three mugs. He handed one to Ding "Here ya go mate" "Ta" said Ding, "Been looking forward to this" He smiled and stirred his tea. "And here's yours" He handed me a strange looking mug with a flattened spout near the top and a larger than normal handle. "See how ya go with that". I sipped at it and found that it worked well. Jake pointed at the mug and said "A very special mate of mine, gave me that last year and I reckon he'd like you to have it, so it's yours" I protested "But he gave it to you as a gift and..." Jake waved it off "Duffles are very practical people, They love helping others". "Who" I asked? Ding jumped in "Now you've done it, go blabbing on about Duffles and people'll think you're as loopy as batshit" He laughed. Jake shrugged "Look, there's stuff out there that'll blow your mind if you just go looking for it... in the right place... er... What did you say your name was?" "Peter" I replied, forgetting I hadn't introduced myself. Jake Continued "Well Peter, There's Duffles, Yowies, Werewolves, Bunyips and all kinds of things out there, We've seen them, met them and a few of them are even our best friends, The thing is, we came out tonight to see if the local Bunyips were doing ok, they live in this forest. Ding speaks their language. "Yes mate" He replied "My people have known the Bunyips here for centuries and we've looked after each other, We moved out of the forests and started living in houses, But the Bunyips can't survive outside the forests and stayed behind... I come here with Jake as often as we can, usually all they want to do is talk, they're very friendly... They saw you and told us that we'd better keep an eye on you." "So Mate, asked Jake, Tell us how you came to be in the forest? I told them both about everything that had happened, and how my Parents had the idea of bringing me out here so that I could feel free again after being stuck inside so long. "They're picking me up at dawn, at the spot where I was left" I said. "Where are they staying?" asked Ding "The Lyrebird Motel" I replied Ding nodded "Yeah I know the place, it's in Gembrook, We'll give you a lift there early tomorrow morning, no sweat" He smiled. Jake set up a tent for me and suggested that even a werewolf would feel much more comfy in a tent than out in the open "You're just too domestic, mate" he said. "When you're rolling in roadkill and biting the heads off wild pigs, then.... no, you'd still prefer the tent" He laughed. There was one last thing I had to do, so during the night, I walked up to one of the largest hills and released a monsterous howl, that echoed across the hills and valleys, and carried way out into the distance, I stood there for a moment feeling and looking very proud of myself. Then I yawned like any dog would when tired, because I certainly was, and headed back to the tent, and fell asleep. Jake woke me up, There was light in the sky, but the sun hadn't risen yet, birds were calling, it was a beautiful sound which I sat and listened to. Ding came over to see me "Ahh you're still a big bad wolf" "Yeah, I wonder when I'll change back?" I asked. "Soon mate, you're just new to this, when your body gets used to it, changing will be effortless, believe me, I've seen it... Fancy some breakfast?" I liked Ding, He was quiet, a lot like myself, he mostly said things only when he needed to, While Jake seemed more of a leader. "Yes please" I said, feeling a little bit hungry. I rummaged in my bag for my clothing, since it was day now and everything I had would be visible, I put my shorts on and pulled my tail through the hole, and put my t-shirt back on, due to the amount of fur underneath, they made me look sort of fat. I went for breakfast. The fellas were already tucking into their breakfast, at a fold out table, three chairs were set beside it. Ding was Aboriginal, about my own age, His hair was short and curley, clear brown eyes and skin, and he had perfect teeth. He was a bit shorter than Jake who was six foot two. Jake wore a floppy blue hat over his short blonde hair, His skin was pale and his eyes were bright blue. Both of them appeared to be very fit... I suppose it's all the walking they did. Jake gave a bowl of baked beans, a slice of buttered toast and a mug of hot tea. Then while we ate, he asked "Why the clothes?" "Because I'm naked without them" I said, feeling a bit shy. Jake swallowed some beans and said "You're not naked, you're covered in fur... There's four basic reasons why humans wear clothes, Firstly for warmth, secondly because sunlight and insects do terrible things to hairless anatomy, cleanliness, and finally it's because humans can't deal with the fact that they're animals too and love to see themselves as some sort of divine entity... You're an animal mate... remember that." Ding added, "Yeah and everytime you change, you have ta carry stuff around, take it off, put it on, flamin' pain in the arse." "But when I'm home, Mum's there and..." Jake interrupted "Mate, She knows you've got male organs, otherwise she would have called you her Daughter, having something against genitals is a cultural thing, with the problem being that a penis is the most honest part of the anatomy, it doesn't bullshit when it likes something". "Too Right" Ding nodded. "Enough philosophy" announced Jake as he got up and flung open the doors on the back of the van, "C'mon Scooby, I'll give you a ride back in the Mystery Mobile... By the way, that was a beautiful howl you let rip at 3am, scared the shit outta me." "Why thankyou" I said proudly, as I got into the van. As we drove down towards the Motel, I saw Dad parked right where he said he'd be, looking very anxious, Mum was with him. Jake Pulled up and called out to Dad "I think we might have someone here who you know." Dad climbed up into the back of the van and gave me a huge hug, "Mum and I were worried sick, we didn't get much sleep last night" Ding bought Mum around the back, She cried so I went down the back and gave her a hug too. Everything was explained and the story of what happened was told. Then Jake said "I'll take him home, no problem, it's part of what we do, at least he won't have to pretend that he's a giant toy again... unless we get pulled over... and Ding can handle that if we do" Ding smiled but didn't give anything away. So, we agreed to do that, Mum and Dad followed us home to Footscray where a very sad puppy was desperately waiting to see us again. * Sangas = Sandwiches.