Wolfie Rankin (wolfie_rankin) wrote,
Wolfie Rankin

The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 12

The inside of the van was well set out, there were benches and cupboards on either side, a tiny bar fridge and even a kitchen sink. The windows were covered by green gingham blinds. "Kneel down behind the seat Mate" Said Jake "If anyone spots ya, they'll just see your head and think you're a husky or something, but keep yer arms behind the seat, ok?" "Mum and Dad looked really tired" I said. "Yeah, Thought we should have offered to drive them home, I could have driven the car." "Not likely" I countered, "You don't know how Dad is about his car". "Fair enough, I s'pose I can understand that" said Ding. The van turned onto the highway and I turned to see Dad following close behind us. "So... " I asked "You mentioned there were others, like me?" Ding laughed "Took ya long enough" Jake smiled broadly "Yes mate, there's others, not as many as we'd like, but they're around, now, if you fancy meeting some of them, your best bet is a cafe in Degraves street in Melbourne. The place is called Rose's Bar, it's sort of hidden, but we can show you how to get in there easy enough... Rose is a great cook, Reckon it's about time we had a good home cooked meal, eh mate?" Ding nodded "That'd be beaut, But maybe not tonight, His Mum and Dad need to feel he's safe so they can have a good sleep tonight" Ding turned to me "What d'ya reckon?" I agreed, If I went out again tonight, it'd cause far too much stress on my parents, I didn't want that, as much as I wanted to see others like me, though I did have some apprehension, would I like them and would they like me? Was I the only one who was gentle? Was I a Ferdinand among the other bulls? "What are other Werewolves like?" I asked Ding spoke "Friendliest people going" and Jake added "They make good mates, very loyal" "Nothing like the movies then?" I asked, partially serious. "Nah, nothing like the movies" replied Jake. "Werewolves are protective spirits" Said Ding "They never harmed anybody". I felt the knot in my stomach untie a little, perhaps the meeting would be ok afterall. Then I remembered freezing up "When I froze up last night, you said I was between two states, what did you mean by that?" "Werewolves have several different shapes that they take on" replied Jake "You can stand up like a man, as you could do now... But there's another shape, like a normal dog... See, when you tried to run, you'd got to a point where you were ready to change to that new shape, but for some reason, you held it instead of letting it flow... so you froze and that was that. But if you have a chat to the others at the cafe, you'll learn everything... better for them to tell you than me."

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