Wolfie Rankin (wolfie_rankin) wrote,
Wolfie Rankin

The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chaper 13

Sometimes for whatever reason, I hear the voice of someone I know from TV (at least it was in this case) and I write as they might speak, This time I was hearing Stephen Fry. I'm not sure an Englishmans' voice fits this very Australian scene, but I still liked how it came out. The van driven by Jake had just pulled up in the lane behind our place, giving enough room for Dad to access the garage and put our car away. Then the van was backed up closer to the garage and after a quick look to make certain that we were alone, the vans rear doors were opened and I jumped our and walked into the garage. I needed to be very careful that the neighbours didn't see, so I lowered myself and began to creep towards the house... but a very excited dog stopped me and gave me a few well chosen vowels as a greeting, his tail wagging madly. Seeing how tired my parents looked, Jake called my Dad over and told him they'd be off, but would return in a few days to see if things were ok, He thanked them both for taking care of me like they did, and shook hands with both of them. Once inside the house, Mum gave Laddie something to eat, a shank from the fridge, he wasted no time in taking it out into the backyard where he could eat it in peace. And now that I had a chance to look, I could see that neither of my parents had had much, if any, sleep at all. and again I wondered if this had been such a good idea. "I'm sorry for worrying you both so much" I said, apologetically. "It's all right" said Mum quietly, "I'm just glad to have you home safely" She buttered savoy biscuits and put tomato and cheese on them, I thought about cooking something for them, but wondered how I'd go about not getting werewolf fur in anything, and I also wondered that if I did manage to make a nice plate of something hot for us all, would they still be awake? Dad stirred his coffee as he ate one of the bikkies. "Those were nice blokes Son, where did you find them?" I picked up one of the biscuits. "They found me, they told me that the Bunyips told them where I was." Dads ears pricked up at that, "Bunyips?" he said, surprised. Dad has dark coloured skin, and we often felt that he may have had some Aboriginal blood himself, but we were never sure. There were problems within the family, and while I knew my Mothers side of the family fairly well, My Fathers side remained quite a mystery. However it was also supposed that Dads colouration might have been due to Mediterranean blood. "What do they look like" He asked, Mum looked as though it was a load of bunkum, but then I was here, sitting beside her... although she was tired and not thinking straight.

"No idea Dad, It's funny... I didn't ask" I scratched my chin thoughtfully.

I hesitated in saying incase it made things worse: "Apparently I have another form" Mum looked at me and waited for more as she bit into her third savoy. "Apparently it's more dog like, which should allow me to run, well, like a dog... except when I tried... I froze up solid... couldn't move at all, and then Jake and Ding found me..." "Ding?" Asked Mum. "Simon Bellbird, The Aboriginal fella" I watched Mums face as the cogs moved sleepily and finally connected Bellbird and Ding. I looked at the old Radiola on the fridge, the clock said that it wasn't much after 8:30. "Did you have a good time though?" asked Mum. I felt a little guilty about this but "Yes Mum, I did, I had a really good Run, and I was fed too... I had sausages and beans for breakfast... Oh, I was given a present." Dad had put my bags down beside him and noticed me looking for it, So he reached down and passed it over. "Thankyou" I nodded Rummaging around inside the bag, I found it, safely among some clothes which had not been worn, I pulled it out and placed it on the table. "Jake gave it to me... it's for our kind... look, it's got a little spout to drink from, so I won't need straws." Mum smiled at the plain brown mug, then realised that I'd said, in a roundabout way, that... "There's more of you?" "According to what Jake and Ding said... and lots more besides, but anyway, they told me where I could find the others... a Cafe, in the city... But they said that maybe I should let you two rest and go there... some other time?" Mum was pleased that I'd found such thoughtful friends. I heard Laddie crunching on his bone in the garden "I can do that too" I smiled. I walked to my parents bedroom and saw one of our cats freak out and take off at the mere sight of me... Once inside my Parents room, I pulled back the blankets on their bed... shortly after they were in it, with their backs to each other, keeping warm, and blissfully asleep.

And soon, I would also be in bed, My faithful dog laid on his rug, beside my bed, his tummy full, snoring peacefully.

I fell asleep.

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