Wolfie Rankin (wolfie_rankin) wrote,
Wolfie Rankin

The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 14

When I woke later that afternoon, I discovered that My Mother was sitting on the bed, just watching me. "Did you have a good sleep?" She asked softly I nodded "I think I hit the pillow and that was it" I smiled, at least, I smiled in my own way. Mum reached out for my hand and took it, she stroked my palm with her thumb then looked into my eyes, I could see that she had so much to say, but didn't have the words to say what she felt. "Where's Dad?" "He's still asleep, He was worried about you, we both were... I couldn't stop wondering if you were hurt or sick, or someone carted you away" Tears welled in her eyes and she squeezed my hand a few times, she turned my hand over and examined my arm, running her other hand along the fur. "I'm glad you're safe". She reached over and stroked my head. "Would you like a cup of tea?" "Yes please Mum" The moment lingered, warm afternoon sunlight shone through my window, casting shadows from the gumtree outside, cool puffs of wind ruffled my blind. Doves called to each other. Mum held my hand for a long time. *** In the kitchen, I washed my new mug in the sink, scrubbing it with the brush and Mum boiled the water. I tried to get the teabags out of the jar but my fingers weren't nimble enough for it, I still felt rather awkward. Mum poured the water into her cup and into my Mug, adding the teabags herself. Then she cut up some fruitcake which she'd made the day before, there wasn't much left. Mum made wonderful boiled fruit cakes, and would put almond halves on the top where they'd roast beautifully... and usually be stolen by me before the cake was cold. It's a wonder there was any cake left by now as we all took huge slices out of it and would often come back for more. Laddie begged for a piece of cake too, he has such a sweet tooth. Mum gave him a little bit, which he took away and ate happily. Mum giggled "The t-shirt makes you look a bit silly, I'm not sure a wolf should be wearing them" I had to agree, it made me look like some kind of scarecrow, as if I was stuffed full of straw. "Jake and Ding said Werewolves don't wear clothes because they're a nuisance when we change form" I sipped at my tea. Mum pointed at the Mug "Who did you say made that?" "Duffles, or one of them... but I don't know what a Duffle is, they never said." I sighed "I'd really like a shower, but I'd weigh a tonne if I got wet, don't you think?". Mum Nodded "Yeah and you'd take ages to dry too with that thick coat, but you look pretty grubby." Mum went into the sunroom, and bought Laddies brush with her. "Take your t-shirt off and turn yourself around on your chair and I'll see what I can do" I did as she asked and she began brushing, and gathering up any loose fur and debris from the forest which came with it, Laddie sat and watched, He knew that brush was his, and that this was a very strange sight, But he wasn't upset, He was glad to have me home too. Dad was coming this way, I could hear his heavy footsteps. "Hello Lover, Hello Son.." He looked at the Radiola "Cripes, What? 6:30?, Have I been asleep for that long?" "Yep" replied Mum, smiling. Dad watched me getting brushed, "That looks good, would you brush me like that?" and Mum said "Yeah, when you turn into a werewolf too and can't do anything for yourself". Dad Howled and Mum Laughed..."Don't you start, I'm not sure I could handle two of ya" Dad reached down and gave Mum a peck on the cheek and ruffled my hair. "I dunno, I reckon if we were all wolves, it'd be beaut" He winked at me then came closer and had a really good look at my face "Show us your teeth, Son" He asked, I was a bit embarassed but, I curled my lips for him. "Crap I'd hate to be on the wrong side of those buggers" He chuckled "no wonder your fillings popped out, they were probably too terrified to stay in there" We sat in the kitchen talking, then had our tea, in the evening Dad walked Laddie and Mum and I watched TV together, Dad and I watched a movie later while eating a bowl of fruit each, about midnight I took Laddie for a walk in the park, being cautious as my white fur glowed in the streetlights, and finally, Laddie and I beeded down and went to sleep.

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