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The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 15.


The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 15 (Language/Violence)


With my sleep pattern completely buggered by nocturnal activity the night before and a sleep though the day, I awoke, and felt more naked than anyone could feel, for I was human once again. All the fur was gone, completely gone, there was none in my bed, so where does it go? Does it simply vanish or do people like me somehow suck it all back in? I had no idea... and I didn't care much. But since I was awake, I realised how dirty I felt, So I got up and had a nice hot shower which felt really good.

Being human again felt sort of wrong, I didn't feel half as good as I did as a wolf, My nose seemed almost unable to smell, my hearing was nowhere near as good and I couldn't see much when I turned off the light. My body felt weaker and more vunerable, but... at least I could enjoy a hot shower and have a cool glass of something from the fridge.

It was a warm night, but a gentle southerly sea breeze blew in from the beach, and even with my human nose I could smell the salty seaweed. Laddie joined me, so I poured some cold milk into his bowl and that made him happy.

Soon we were both in bed again and after a while, I drifted off to sleep.

But not long after, I was woken from my light sleep by a strange scratching sound in the kitchen, it wasn't Laddie since he was right beside me, and Sammy, our ginger cat was on my bed sitting bolt upright, that was a worry.

I heard something creak, like a cupboard door had swung open.

And now Laddie lifted his head to listen, there was a soft scraping noise like a shoe on lino, and Laddie curled his lip, exposing his fangs. Sammy sat frozen on the bed, facing the direction of the sounds.

We would leave the back door open for the animals, and we're not usually concerned about it since the area we live in is pretty safe, but perhaps tonight we had an intruder?

There was a rattle and a thud, My pulse quickened, Laddie growled deep in his throat.

I heard a footstep, I'm sure it was a footstep.

I got out of bed and stood behind my bedroom door with Laddie beside me, as close to my leg as possible, he bristled.

One of the chairs from our diningroom table, only feet away from my door, creaked as though someone moved it.

Then the loungeroom light clicked on, and for a moment I thought it was just dad walking around the house looking for something, but the thought passed quickly as Laddie shifted, bristling more and curling his lip in complete silence.

"Who the hell are you?" I heard dad say loudly.

"Get back yer old bastard or I'll smash yer friggin' head in" the intruder said in a quiet gravelly voice.

My heat beat raced and I felt a cold chill shoot up my neck... I stood in front of my mirror urging myself to change, if I ever needed it, I needed it now, why did I change back, why?

"Fuckin get out of my way old man, roight?" came the voice, louder and more threatening.

I thought about Dad being hurt, of Me being hurt, Mum and Laddie, I was terrified. I wanted to change, so badly. I remembered the trick with the ball and wondered if it would get me there, I tried, I concentrated, I tried very hard, but nothing happened.

Thoughts shot through my mind.... does he have a gun?, will he shoot dad?, Will Dad do anything stupid?

Laddie shook, I could feel his body practically convulsing against my leg.

Does he have a gun, if I did anything, could he shoot me? is the silver bullet thing just a myth?

I heard a scuffle and some sort of thud followed by a hefty grunt from Dad, Then I heard Mum ask "What's going on?"

"Get the fuck outta my way old man or I'll fuckin kill ya, ya got that?" The voice sounded insane.

Mum Screamed and something fell, something made of glass, Laddie growled but didn't move from his spot, every hair on his body stood erect.

"I know you old bastards got money in here, just like all the fuckin' old bastards, fuckin hand it over now!" He shouted, whoever he was, I heard Mum cry.

"Stop crying you bitch" he said menacingly.

As he said that, there was a jolt in my body, fur sprouted on my hand, it grew up my arms, and my body changed from human to wolf.

I heard another bang and then a groan "You try that once more old man and ya dead, fuckin get away from me or else." I heard something hit the wall.

I looked around nervously into the bedroom, Mum was in bed scared out of her mind, The intruder had his back to me and was holding a narrow metal pipe and Dad was standing beside his side of the bed breathing heavily, as though he'd just run around the block, Some blood dripped from a cut on his chin. I smelt fear and sweat. Laddie was right beside me.

Dad looked at me, and the intruder turned around.

He looked right into my eyes, and a long moment passed, then he laughed "What's this then, some sort of fuckin joke? Put on yer monster man suit and see if I'm fuckin scared, isn't gunna stop me, I'll kill you..." He poked a dirty looking finger at me. "...and these two old farts if you come any closer", Mum was panic-stricken, Her face looked torturned and tears were streaming down her cheeks, She tried not to cry but broke down.

"Shutup ya old bitch" said the intruder as he walked over to her, and threatened her with the pipe "Shutup now or I'll beat ya brains out with this".

Dads face was twisted with rage, He leapt straight across the bed, knocking the man back, he stumbled and hit the wall behind him, but then regained his footing, clenched his pipe and swung violently.

It didn't get very far, as I had the other end.

He tried desperately to pull the pipe from my grip, but it did no good, I ripped it from his hands and dropped it, never taking my eyes from his.

Cold anger replaced the earlier fear, and far too late, the intruder realised something was not what he thought it was.

Everything seemed so automatic, The intruder up against the wall, nothing but fear in his eyes as I lifted him up to my height and then made absolutely certain that he saw ....every single tooth in my mouth.

I smelt piss.

I ran on instinct, Thought and reason had evaporated, I felt no emotion.

The moment dragged on.

In the distance I became aware of my mother pleading, then I heard dad next to me nervously saying "Let him go son, let him go." The man slid down the wall, his bones seemingly made of jelly.

Dad held me by my shoulder and I wiped drool from my mouth.

Mum screamed, Laddie yelped, Dad backed off... I grabbed the intruder and held him horizontally above my head and threw him cleanly through the window, his head tore the flyscreen open as he went, The riverstones in our garden scattered as the intruder fell hard ontop of them.

Dad raced to the front door and yelled for our neighbour, a cop.

I sat on the bed with Mum, who clung tightly to me and wept, Laddie rested his nose on my lap and I patted him, and I wondered why he had remained so quiet, but was glad that he did, I couldn't see an injury and wondered why he'd yelped.

I began changing back into my human form, and covered myself with a blanket.

When the police arrived, we told them everything as it had happened, except about the werewolf of course. They couldn't believe that I could pick up a man that large and hurl him through a window, I told them that perhaps it was that superhuman strength you hear about, like mothers who lift a car off a child who's under a wheel, that sort of thing.

Later, we all sat in the bed together talking, until about five. Then I went back to bed but didn't sleep, I don't think anyone could have under these circumstances.



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