Wolfie Rankin (wolfie_rankin) wrote,
Wolfie Rankin

The Werewolves of Melbourne - Chapter 17


The doorbell went and I answered it.

Two policemen stood there, one taller than the other.

"Hello, I'm Sargeant Davidson and this is Constable Blake, You must be Peter?" He smiled. "Yes that's right" You know, I've never been in trouble with the police but for some strange reason I always felt nervous talking to them, as if I was about to find out that I'd done something which I couldn't remember doing. "Come in".

Sergeant Davidson was a lean sort of man with a few lines in his face, some greying hair and bright blue eyes, he had a cheerful expression and manner which he used very well.

Constable Blake was younger and looked a lot like like Shirl from Skyhooks, he even had the curly hair.

"Now you've all been put through the mill, so we don't want to upset you, just want to get a few more facts that's all, and then we can leave you in peace, would that be ok?" He smiled.

Everything was explained in detail.

How I'd heard the intruder first but was "too scared" to do anything, and how Dad had discovered the man in the lounge during a run for the toilet, then onto me finally summoning up my courage and throwing him out the window.

We stood in Mums room, Constable Blake wrote details into his notepad.

"Now... inquired Sergeant Davidson, "Peter, You stood near the window and..."

"No, I didn't... I was here" I was a good five metres away from the window.

Constable Blake cast a look to his Sargeant who said "Right, ok... so you picked up this bloke who weighs about eighty to eighty five kilograms, twelve stone or so in the old money... and you carried him to..."

"No Sir" I said "I threw him... from here"

"But you couldn't have, that's impossible," Seargeant Davidson looked confused, "you wouldn't have that sort of strength... nobody would."

Constable Blaker asked "Perhaps we could go outside and see where the man fell?"

We nodded and took the police outside.

They looked at the tear in the flyscreen, and at a bit of clothing which had caught on the rose bush and at the point of impact which was not at the base of the rose bush but across the garden path.

Constable Blaker took out a measuring tape and measured the distance from the window to the impact site among the river stones, "Five metres" he said, as he looked up to the Sargeant, baffled.

Sargeant Davidson stepped back and examined the scene, the wheels were turning in his mind as he tried to work out a plausible explanation, but nothing would fit, He turned to my Dad and said "Did you by any chance forget to tell me about the cannon you must have hidden inside? because I cannot see for the life of me, how a man can be thrown out of a ground floor window, and land five metres away... Even if Peter here, had been standing right next to the window, and yet he says he was standing on the other side of the bedroom... it defies the laws of physics."

I thought back on the night before and offered sheepishly "Well... I do remember making a small run towards the window, I think, anyway".

Nobody said a word for a while until Constable Blake broke the silence with "What if you managed to lift him and as he went through the window, decided to make a run for it, put his foot on the windowsill and propel himself outwards to the impact site, falling on the stones and breaking a rib?"

Dad looked at me and smirked, "Could be".

"Yeah, sounds about right, I mean I didn't see what happened after he went through the flyscreen" I said, truthfully.

Sergeant Davidson suggested "Perhaps, considering the situation, which must have been pretty frightening, you somehow managed to lift him, perhaps you caught him off balance, and ran to the window? Then he, as the Constable suggests, got a footing and attempted to run for it?"

The Seargent let out a deep sigh, "Blake, I think we're finished" Then he turned to us and said "Thankyou, I realise how stressful things like this can be, it's often hard to remember details, but if you do... not that it matters all that much, but... here's my card, give us a tingle if you remember anything new, ok?"

I took the card and thanked him, Constable Blaker smiled and waved... and they left.

Dad smiled knowingly at me.

I thought that I'd need to be careful in future, I could do something very difficult to explain and land myself in a lot of hot water.


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