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Wolfie Rankin

The Ghost in the Motel Room

This is a true story from a time when I was still a teenager, and Mum and Dad would organise a trip further up North to Queensland, To any Americans or other Northern Hemisphere resident, The Aussie North is like going South where you are, A trip to Queensland is a bit like going to Florida or Spain perhaps.

Anyway, the method we'd choose is driving, Funny really because this is what dad did for a living, he drove a delivery truck for a company which made V-Belts which kept engines in quarries and factorys going, they also made massive conveyor belts for some of the largest mines in the country.

You'd think Dad would have been sick of driving, but he never was, He relished the idea of going somewhere different. He'd get stuck into planning the route he'd take, there'd be two stops up and two back, Mum wanted that, We'd be booked into a motel around seven o'clock in the evening and get up early the next day to continue the journey.

I think I preferred driving there, you could see the country change from suburbia to green country, and to endless stretches of road through desert where cattle and sheep looked like they had nothing to eat, and then to golden fields of canola and winding roads through forested hills.

If we'd flown, we would have missed all that, although sometimes in our rush to get to our destination, we'd miss small things that looked interesting. Well we couldn't look at everything, My parents only had a week off work, so we had to get there.

We'd often bring my Niece and Nephew who were just kids at this stage, but on this trip, we took a friend of the family, A Finnish woman who had lived in the same street as us. Mum and her were pretty close, She had had her first child the day after I was born... and for a few years, we grew up together.

Now we never booked a motel, mainly because if we got to our destination hours earlier than we thought, then we'd have to sit, and that was fruestrating for everyone. So, When we got to a town around the time that we were ready to bed down, we'd find a reasonable place to have some tea, grab a shower, watch some tv and sleep.

Sometimes the Motels were quite good, most of them were very clean and comfortable, but not always.

We pulled into this one Motel in New South Wales (One of the states of Australia, the one with Sydney as it's main city) it was in a small-ish town. My parents left the car and went to see if they could get a room and minutes later came back with some keys and drove to the end of the small building, I think there were only about eight rooms or so.

I ran in and switched on the TV, all I cared about was watching Simon Townsends Wonder World, (4pm, yes it was early this time) and hastily getting my bags inside.

The man who ran the place walked in with towels, I complained that the TV wasn't working properly, the picture was all snowy, which seems a bit of a brattish reaction, I mean, what could he have done? Climed the roof and swivelled the antenna? Sometimes reception in these places wasn't the best.

He was a grumpy sort of fella, and maybe I'd made things a bit worse.

I don't remember anything about the rest of the evening, I suppose we were all tired, had something to eat and watched TV.

I do remember how it was laid out, there was a kitchen/loungeroom which led to two bedrooms, A double bed in my Parents room, and two singles where Violet and I would sleep.

After showering, We realised that there weren't enough towels to go around, Dad tried to get some more from the office, the owner didn't like him asking for more, but I think Dad managed to get a few extras anyway.

The lights outside the Motel went off about nine if I remember right, a very strange thing to happen. We would've thought the place would have stayed open for people blowing in through the night, a lot of truckies drove through these small towns and would pull into motels at odd hours. there was nobody here but us as far as I can remember. Motels usually don't turn all their lights off even if they're full as people still need to get to their cars for things.

We went to bed and slept.

The next morning we had a story, Mum was in the next room getting dressed or somesuch and Dad came into our room and told us what had happened during the night.

There was a man in their room, Dad had woken up and spotted him, and got out of bed and said "What the hell are you doing in here?" The stranger wandered into the kitchen and Dad followed, but when Dad got close, the man simply vanished in front of his eyes. Dad told us not to tell Mum about it.

Violet then said that he'd been in our room, She'd woken and saw him wandering around for a while.

Needless to say, we couldn't wait to get out of there and continue to Tweed Heads in Queensland.



Werewolves of Melbourne will continue, once I get the bug for it, stand by.


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